Traditional Healers

All over the world, especially in parts of Africa, there are traditional healers. Traditional healers are an important part of tribal society and even today they are a vital part of the fabric of many countries. Traditional healers are respected and trusted individuals once referred to as Witch Doctors who don’t just heal sickness but also many other matters in life.

Who are traditional healers?

Traditional healers command respect, even from elders and senior leaders in all walks of life and it is something few can understand or explain. You do not have to be from a certain tribe or family to seek the help of a traditional healer or sangoma. Very often the person you need most will find you rather than you find them. Traditional healers are special people born with many gifts that include an understanding of herbs, spices, and roots. The very same people also have a command of magic and knowledge of the spirits making them powerful and esteemed individuals.

What can a traditional healer do for me?

The word healer in the term Traditional Healer is often misunderstood. Traditional healers are more than just people who can make an illness go away or heal an injury. Anyone can use and consult a traditional healer in a variety of life matters. You can use a traditional healer for health (of course), finances, love, bad luck, family feuds, luck when gambling, business success and so much more. In fact, there is very little a doctor cannot help you with.

Are Traditional Healers Relevant today?

It is very easy to dismiss the ancient ways of the witch doctor of today. Google seems to have the cure for everything but this really is not enough. A traditional healer has insight above all else and a deep understanding of the human condition. Wisdom is what most people want, not just answers and with traditional healing, this is what is received. In African culture especially, traditional affairs form an important part of the fabric of a nation. Ancient understanding and beliefs are still relevant, many traditional healers hold seats in governments. Logic, understanding and a different way of seeing things all become an important part of law and governance.

Consulting a Traditional Healer

There is nothing wrong with consulting a traditional healer. While doing so may raise a few eyebrows and some people may think you are foolish, the truth is that you will get answers to just about anything. You may be given some herbs or roots that can stop worry, make you relaxed, give you energy just create overall health. More than likely you will gain insight into an issue that you would otherwise not understand. You may need the help of a different nature and many traditional healers can use magic to help you with it. This again is not harmful and you will be amazed at what can happen.
Struggling with something? Consult a traditional healer and get the help you need.